The Fundamentals of Web Design- Included in our portfolio

There are some fundamental web design concepts. The information on webpages must be organized and clearly convey messages to visitors. The features should function properly such as the links and the contact forms. The layout of the webpages should have an aesthetic quality, which will attract visitors. The designs are online presentations that are used to represent businesses and individuals.


The information on the webpages must be organized for search engine optimization. Search engine software has web crawlers, which are robots that crawl across webpages and collect information to be categorized. The SEO features of a website help to improve the ranking of the website in the search results, which enables customers to quickly find the website. The information should be clearly presented in text because the robots will use that text to categorize the website such as for a car dealership in Green Valley.


Websites should not be cluttered but should include precise information that clearly conveys a message. The words must be carefully chosen to reflect the topics such as for cars, used cars, automobiles or trucks. The website will be included in the appropriate search results if the information has been correctly categorized. Customers may enter the keywords “new automobiles in Green Valley” in the web browser. The search results could include 11,000 websites for those keywords. If the phrase “new automobiles in Green Valley” is on the website, then the website may be on the first webpage of the search results.


The links and other features on a website should permit a visitor to easily peruse the information. A slideshow or video can be used to quickly convey a message that may have required several hundred words. Links should quickly redirect a customer to more detailed information such as about a product or service. Some desktop versions may generate an error message on a smartphone, which requires that the website should also have a mobile version.


The colors on a website should reflect an image and will evoke emotions from the visitors. An entertainment website may be flashy with bright pinks, glowing yellows and fluffy shapes such as clouds and balloons. In contrast, a physician may prefer to use somber browns, soothing blues and rectangular tables with pertinent information. A website is an online image that should be carefully constructed and that should also be changed on a regular basis.

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